Rocker Whiskey Glasses, Scotch Glasses - Set of 2.

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Brand: Ashcroft

Color: Clear


  • SOPHISTICATED CRAFTSMANSHIP THAT FITS PERFECTLY IN THE HAND - For those serious about their spirits, nothing says sophistication quite like a whiskey decanter. The Ashcroft whiskey set is a show-piece for any home. Sturdy and comfortable to hold, they sit beautifully in both small and large hands. Slim enough to fit a female hand, with enough impressive heft to satisfy him. Occasionally small air bubbles or spots do occur in the manufacture of all lead-free glass products.
  • TOTALLY UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED FOR GIFT-GIVING - These stunning liquor glasses come packaged with an embossed magnetic closure gift box that exudes style and a sense of occasion. Each glassware piece has been carefully fitted inside a protective cushion to keep your bourbon glass perfectly safe during shipping and for storing in a cabinet. Ashcroft glasses would make a perfect gift for any whiskey enthusiast, scotch drinker or as a wedding and anniversary gift.
  • STUNNING, EASY TO DRINK FROM LEAD FREE GLASSES - Unlike crystal whiskey glasses which contain at least 20% lead,Ashcroft glassware is made from 100% lead free ultra clear glass. Smooth to drink from, the quality of our glasses ensures whiskey maintains its temperature, while the high end design coupled with a contemporary flair makes an artistic alternative to the boring liquor glass. Savor the experience as you pour yourself a glass of Windsor or Jameson in our premium whiskey glassware.
  • CAPACITY TO ADD A WHISKEY BALL OR CUBE TO YOUR FAVORITE SCOTCH - The mouth of each Ashcroft whisky glass is wide enough for ice stones, whiskey balls or cubes. And each glass is designed so the nose fits at the perfect angle, meaning you can now savor the smell of your favorite whiskies. Each of glass is well crafted flawless whiskey tumblers and are safe to use in the dishwasher, without any fear of damage or breakage.
  • THE ASHCROFT GLASSWARE PERFECT DELIVERY GUARANTEE - No matter which way you look at them, Ashcroft glasses are stunning works of art and are packaged accordingly. For extra protection and peace of mind, our Ashcroft glasses for alcohol come with a Perfect Delivery Guarantee. If they are damaged in any way upon arrival, we will send you a replacement set free of charge. That is the Ashcroft promise.

Warranty: Perfect delivery guarantee

Details: If You Want to Impress Your Guests, Then Ashcroft Whiskey Glasses are for You

Designed with a legacy of quality and beauty, we bring you classical with a contemporary spin. Exquisitely chic, Ashcroft's best whiskey glasses are reflective of the fine whiskey and spirits you favor. Enhancing the pleasure of every sip, our whisky glasses are an impressive addition to the well-stocked bar for both entertaining and everyday use.

  • Stunning, easy to to drink from, non-leaded glasses
  • Lead-free whiskey tumblers that hold 8 ounces
  • Capacity to add a whiskey stone or cube to your favorite scotch
  • Fantastic addition to your own home bar accessories
  • Machine-crafted whiskey glasses made from high-clarity diamond glass
  • Stunning European influenced scotch whiskey glass design
  • Ideal to be used as Old Fashioned glasses, Scotch glasses or Low Ball glasses
  • One of the finest whiskey glasses in the world
  • Totally unique and beautifully packaged
  • Terrific value at a great price and perfect for gift-giving

Made from lead free ultra-clarity glass, these stunning glass tumblers come packaged with an Ashcroft embossed gift box that exudes style and a sense of occasion.

Ashcroft glassware is synonymous with elegance. Uniquely designed, these stunning glass liquor glasses will be the envy of your friends as you sit back and relax over a fine whiskey or cocktail. With their unique design, impress your guests with the feeling they are drinking from something special. If you like your scotch glasses to feel heavy, then this is the whiskey set for you.

Don't buy boring. Invest in a quality scotch glass that will stand the test of time.